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As much as we all would love to go to a WidowU course at any given moment, we realize it’s not feasible. For that reason, we’ve created our online courses! Even if you’ve been to any of our main courses, check these out regularly to learn everything from creating a budget to meditation to dating after death (the list just keeps going on!), we’ll always have interesting and intriguing topics and instructors.

Wear your pajamas, pour a glass of wine, sit back, connect, learn and become inspired!

With the majority of our online courses lasting an hour, you have no reason to not educate yourself on a plethora of topics from amazing individuals (and widows) from all over the country!

It’s not Facebook or a chatroom, it’s an intimate place online to see the faces of fellow widows and expand your mind from the comfort of your home!

Check out the calendar to sign up and get ready to have fun while acquiring new knowledge and tools for your journey ahead!


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