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Where Do You Want to Go?

Our courses hone in on four areas of life where military widows have expressed the most desire to grow: going Back to School, Pursuing Your Passion, Overcoming Obstacles, and Health & Fitness.

Whether you’re trying to navigate the challenge of going back to school or eager to learn how to better handle and embrace the roller coaster we call life, these courses have something for everyone.

Each course is taught over a four day period, and is completely free to attendees. You’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge, find and pursue that passion deep within, and meet other widows who have been successful in those areas.

Back to School

Going back to school after your hero’s death is a huge undertaking. From choosing a major to logistics, this course walks you through the steps to your degree.
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Pursuing Your Passion

Not sure what’s next for you as you start to move forward? If you’re not sure which dream to start with, this course will get you on the right path.

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Overcoming Obstacles

If you’re tired of feeling stuck at the same road block with no clear path around, this course will challenge you mentally and physically to move into abundance.

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Health & Fitness

Are physical challenges keeping you from moving forward? Join like-minded women in a course designed to jump start your healthy life.

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Once you’ve attended all four of the WidowU courses you’re eligible to move on. Learn how to apply for the WidowU Advanced Courses.