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Erin’s Account- Overcoming Obstacles – April 2014

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon


All I can say at this moment is HOLY COW! What an incredible weekend of overcoming obstacles and coming to a new loving place within myself. It was a crazy course due to the intensity of “activities” that you would never in your entire life picture yourself attempting let alone accomplishing. The empowerment and strength I felt conquering them will go on into my future endeavors. This weekend, I wasn’t just an instructor, but an attendee participating along side 3 amazing widows. All of us challenged ourselves and took hold of  our own lives, proving that we can achieve greatness. That all we have to do is put our minds to it and believe!

From the first day, everyone goes into this weekend not knowing anything about what they are going to do other than come with an open heart and mind. What makes us sign up for these courses? Is it that you feel like your in a rut? That you need to step outside your comfort zone? Or is it just the fact you have no idea what you need and that maybe this might help discover it while meeting a lifelong widow family? Whatever our reasons are, there isn’t a wrong answer, they are all good. Just coming and being present is the first step.

One wonderful widow, Marcia Dupont sums up her time at the course perfectly, “I really thought that I was doing ok after my soldiers death. I went as a favor to another widow and WOW! My life has done a 180. I am more focused and I have more power within myself than I ever thought possible. Regardless of why I went the outcome was a new view on life. I am better that I even thought possible. I really cant wait for the next phase.”  -9

Without going into details about the “activities” that go on during that weekend since everyone knows that everything we do is “Top Secret” lol….You will go into every single one of them with nervousness, doubt, excitement and a sense of determination that you need to get through “whatever issue” so you can continue to grow. For me there is one particular exercise (in reality it’s all of them!) that we did that I almost had a heart attack when Taryn told us what we were doing. I think all of our jaws hit the floor with a look of HUH?! on our faces. All I could think was “Erin, what the heck did you get yourself into?” Seems to be the story of my life…..
I had multiple moments were I needed to regroup my thoughts and ask myself “Are you ready, Are you tired of feeling this way?”. I always answered yes and refocused my whole heart, mind, body and soul in them.  I was tired of having the negative emotions stopping me from being the best person that I can be. I was tired of letting past words and views of others hold me back from lack of confidence. I was ready to live!

Even if every one of y’all reading this knows what the weekend entails it still won’t prepare you for what you’re going to go through. It won’t prepare you for the emotions that you will be releasing and it won’t prepare you for the absolute bliss you’ll feel overcoming them.

The experience of this weekend has given me more than I could have asked for, it has given me hope back that my life can be amazing!-4

Love and Hope-



  1. Reading this gave me goosebumps!! So thrilled for you and convinced I need to make this Widow U a priority! Love you Erin!

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