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Jayme’s Recap on May 2013 Back to School Course

Ahhhhhhh, I wish that widows, regardless of their future career plans, would take time to experience the Back to School WidowU weekend. This weekend is not about boring books, writing papers, and sitting behind a desk. It is about reaching out, bonding with fellow widows, exploring a new avenue (or two), and pushing you to step out of what you think you know and into the world of education and experience. The incredible element about this WidowU weekend is that it is not about the idea of education vs. experience, but education and experience. They’re not mutually exclusive, but actually go hand-in-hand in developing the growth of the widows who attend. The idea of education

I can still hardly believe I had the opportunity to spend time with an award winning, AMAZINGLY talented photographer and discover a little bit about what brought her into photography. The insight gained during our session with the massage therapist went far beyond just learning what massage therapy entails. I loved every minute of it! You never know what will inspire you during this course. I became motivated to learn more about how to cook after our personal chef spoke of his passion and love for creating masterpieces in the kitchen. I can still taste that amazing meal now!

The honor of being involved in the lives of fellow widows has brought so much joy into my life. I look forward to future events and meeting more wonderful ladies!

Much Love,


“Adversity is only yet another means to remind us of ‘How Truly Awesome We All Are’!”

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