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Tatiana Sanders

Tatiana is an aspiring documentary producer with a contagious personality and love for life, who lives in Miami, FL and became part of The American Widow Project after losing her fiancé, Cpl. Delvis L. Fernandez, on October 24, 2008. Cpl. Fernandez had just returned from his first tour in Iraq when a quick-stop at a gas station in Sarasota, FL turned into a fatal one. Cpl. Fernandez lost his life to a senseless act of violence.

Days after his death, Tatiana reached out to The American Widow Project not knowing if she would “fit-in”. They were not married, and he was not killed in action. Much to her surprise, AWP founder, Taryn Davis, responded right away and welcomed her with open arms (along with all of the widows in the organization)! Since then, Tatiana has gone on many AWP getaways, participated in the widowU program, and has built lasting friendships with many of her AWP sisters.What the organization has given her is what she hopes to give back by serving her fellow military widows through their own unique journey’s of life after death.

She has joined the AWP and widowU team in hopes that she can bring inspiration, hope, and positivity into the lives of so many incredible women through her personal experiences of loss, love, and perseverance.