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Pursuing Your Passion Recap w/Tati

Growing-up, I always knew that helping people was always a true passion of mine. If someone was in need of anything, and it was in my reach, I tried my best to go above and beyond to help that person in any way that I could. In what I feel was my greatest time of need, the American Widow Project reached out not just one, but many hands to assure me that I was not alone and that no matter what it took they would be my backbone throughout my healing process after losing Delvis. Without that love and support from the AWP and the amazing friendships I made, I know that I would still be lost to this day. So when Taryn reached-out to me to work as an instructor for the WidowU program, there was no way I could turn her down. The AWP had become my family, and what greater way to help these incredible women than by lending my time and love to as many of them as I possibly could.

My first WidowU weekend was with a group of four strong and beautiful women; Sarah, Catie, Tiffany, and Kim. The theme of that weekends’ WidowU was Pursuing Ones Passion. After speaking with the women a few weeks prior to the weekend, they all expressed to me that the reason they chose that specific WidowU was because after losing their husbands, they felt that they needed to once again find what they were passionate about. Dealing with the grief of losing someone can sometimes derail you from what you really want to do in life you sometimes put your wants and needs on the back burner in order to just try to live as normal a life as possible. Each woman had an idea of what they thought their passion was, but I believe they just needed that extra push and support to go after it once again. Katie, best explained the weekend when she said, “WidowU was both a process and a renewal. It made a huge impact on me.” We did everything from blending essential oils to laser cutting. The ladies even put their cooking skills to the test and made a delicious dinner and dessert for the whole group. Although I believe some of them missed their calling and should have attended culinary school, the best part of the weekend was the moment that each woman realized what their passion was. I remember this spark going off in each one of their eyes when they talked about what their plans were and what steps they would take to accomplish their goals. It gave me goose bumps.

1012623_10100503026368172_2119550548_nTo know that I had a part in helping these four widows, these four women, these four heroes, brings an indescribable feeling to my heart. After speaking with Tiffany a few months later she said, “It definitely helped to make things a little more clear and helped me to be a little more set.” In helping them, it in turn helps me in my healing process. It brings a peace to my heart and more importantly I know that I am making Delvis proud.


Love, Tatiana

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